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Is it time for something different, something more?

Let me guess… you’re taking care of everyone and everything but you and wondering how much longer you can keep it up. You’re longing to focus on your own health, creativity, and long-lost dreams and hobbies. Deep down you know it’s time for something different, something more. But it takes guts to look inside, to try something different. And walking that path alone can be overwhelming. That’s why I created this 90-day coaching program where you'll discover answers to these questions and more:

  • How can I find more time, energy and fulfillment?
  • How can I gain momentum toward my BIG dreams and goals?
  • How can I step into something different, something more?

In truth, most of us who want to change are often left to “figure it out” on our own but often don’t know where to start or how to make it happen. You don’t have to take the slow and painful route filled with obstacles and barriers! As a certified coach with extensive business, fitness, journaling and life coaching skills, I'll show you how to:

  • Clear the clutter that’s draining your energy and sabotaging your results.
  • Develop a whole-life vision that knocks your socks off and inspires you to work it each and every day.
  • ​Embrace gentle, good-for-you movement to look good, feel great and manage unhealthy stress.
  • Gain clarity in 8 key areas of your life.
  • Focus on work and relationships that bring out your very best.
  • Find time for meaningful hobbies, relaxation and play.
  • Create an accountability system that ensures ACTION, MOMENTUM and SOUL-SATISFYING SUCCESS.

I felt in a rut. I am clearly out. I wanted to lose weight, and have lost 17 pounds. I wanted to start writing more. I've launched a website and writing workshops, and a publisher accepted my manuscript that had been sitting in limbo for years. I am amazed at how liberated I now feel. Thanks Leslie... the momentum continues, and I am off to Great Places.

Julie Buckles

Leslie Hamp is the real thing and over the years I have seen her positively impact many individuals, leaders and organizations with her extraordinary insights and energy. In Create the Life You Crave she continues in her mission and gives all of us who struggle with daily chaos the tools and inspiration we need to enjoy a life of contentment, robust health, and spiritual connectedness. I recommend this program highly and particularly to those of you who are ready to attract more happiness and fulfillment to your lives.

Michael Lechner, PhD
Talent Stream Global

During this 90-day course we will explore different aspects of an authentic, aligned life through simple, nourishing content, meditations and creative prompts. As you explore what matters deep to your core, you will create a vision that lights you up and inspires you to create something different, something more in your life. You'll quickly realize that AMAZING things happen when you have a proven program and coach guiding you, step-by-step.

Your Tools for Momentum & Success

  • A Private Member Page to refer to again and again and again. (Time-saving & efficient)
  • 12 weeks of empowering audio lessons, engaging play sheets and visioning exercises in 8 key areas of your life. (Value: $497)
  • "Me time" to follow your heart wherever it leads you — writing a book, stepping into an encore business or career, selling your home, retiring and launching something new, dropping a boatload of weight, revamping your whole life, or any other heart-felt desire that just hasn't gotten off the ground or needs that extra support to make it happen. (Priceless)
  • 13 of my favorite mind mapping, doodling and reflection techniques to tap into your inner wisdom
  • A certified coach who will guide you every step of the way. (Empowering)
  • The flexibility to play with the program whenever and wherever you want. (Freedom to go at YOUR pace)
  • An accountability system that inspires action! (A framework for results)
  • An opportunity for 1:1 coaching for more insights, momentum and success. (Accountability to accelerate action)
  • Create the Life You Crave book by yours truly. Designed as a 90-day, action-oriented program, each chapter features an inspirational story; simple action steps; and a weekly lesson focused around one life-altering behavior. The book includes inspiring stories of transformation and commitment by women and men who have radically shifted priorities, unleashed authenticity, and embraced the practice of extreme self-care.
  • Beautiful Journal, also by yours truly. This is a powerful tool to explore and express your words, your stories and your life. Use it for personal growth, creative expression, mind-body awareness, or any other way that speaks to you in the moment. The soft cover and 5.5 x 8.5″ size make it easy to carry in your purse, backpack or tote bag, and the 128 gently-lined, blank journal pages allow you to record your joys, challenges and epiphanies.

2 Ways to Create the Life You Crave:


Self-paced & convenient.

  • 12-weeks of audios, meditations & tools
  • Private Member Page
  • Freedom to go at your own pace
  • Structure & inspiration

1 payment of $97

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Amazing Adventure

Self-Paced + 1:1 Coaching = Transformational!

  • 12-weeks of audios, meditations & tools
  • Private Member Page
  • Autographed book: Create the Life You Crave
  • Beautiful Journal (also by yours truly)
  • One Big Vision Session (60 minutes)
  • 5 Energy Boost Sessions (40 minutes each)
  • Structure, Inspiration  & Accountability
  • A coach who will guide you step by step

$333 / month x 3 months

Secure credit card payments

I just love this program and am so excited by the momentum people from around the world have achieved. I live and breathe the program myself and guarantee that you will not be the same person in 90 days if you follow it too.  #createthelifeyoucrave!

Create the Life You Crave Retreat
Thursday, September 15, 2016

If you’re ready to get started now in a LIVE event, this sweet retreat is for you. This will be your day to  step back from the busy-ness — or emptiness — of your life to playfully explore where you may be out of sync and how to get back to what’s important to you. In the company of like-minded souls, you’ll explore 8 key areas of your life, decide which to amp up, and create a collage vision board, a deceptively effective and empowering tool to make your deepest desires come alive. This retreat is hugely transformational and fun! CLICK HERE to find out more.

Here’s to more — more energy, more fulfillment, more success... and taking step-by-step action to ensure it happens!

Leslie Hamp, Creative Catalyst
Helping YOU Create the Life You Crave

About Leslie: 
Leslie Hamp, Creative Catalyst & Licensed Passion Project Facilitator, works with women & men in transition. Some are empty nesters. Others are moving on from a career or business that's no longer speaking to them and wondering what's next. All want more energy, more fulfillment, more creativity, and more fun — plus clarity and support as they navigate the path of change. Leslie's coaching techniques layered with her positive energy, passion perspective and accountability systems help clients rejuvenate an old idea or add heart and soul to a fresh one. She is the author of Create the Life You Crave and its companion Beautiful Journal. Email her at, and join the Create the Life You Crave Nation HERE.

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