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30-Day Passion Project

Do you have a creative project longing to see the light of day… a podcast, webinar, book, art journal, health project, or a money-making venture that’s been calling for your attention? But somehow you just don’t get to it. It’s time to make yourself a priority and get your idea out of your head and turned into reality! Join me for the 30-day Passion Project adventure from Monday, May 30 to Thursday, June 30. You’ll shine a light on one idea to see what’s possible.
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Create the Life You Crave

Let me guess… you’re taking care of everyone and everything but you and wondering how much longer you can keep it up. You’re longing to focus on your own health, creativity, and long-lost dreams and hobbies. Deep down you know it’s time for something different, something more. But it takes guts to look inside, to try something different. And walking that path alone can be overwhelming. That’s why I created this 90-day coaching program.
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Your Sweet Retreat

If you’re longing to step back from the busy-ness — or emptiness — of your life to playfully explore where you may be out of sync and how to get back to what’s important to you, this retreat is for you. In the company of like-minded souls, you’ll explore 8 key areas of your life, decide which to amp up, and create a collage vision board, a deceptively effective and empowering tool to make your deepest desires come alive. Hugely transformational and fun!
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