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I cannot thank Leslie enough! After completing one class, reading her book and several coaching sessions, I have moved on to something that I never knew existed for me. After 25 years as a pre-school and elementary school social worker, I have juxtaposed myself into retirement as well as becoming a part-time adjunct professor at a nearby university. Leslie was able to help me understand that by fine-tuning my skills that I could move forward in a way that was very new for me. Thank you, Leslie, for helping me to find my new path in this glorious adventure called life. I truly believe that you saved me from days of feeling sick and tired to slap-happy and rejuvenated.

Terry Bond-Manville
Adjunct Professor, Triathlete & Nana

Leslie Hamp is the real thing and over the years I have seen her positively impact many individuals, leaders and organizations with her extraordinary insights and energy. In Create the Life You Crave she continues in her mission and gives all of us who struggle with daily chaos the tools and inspiration we need to enjoy a life of contentment, robust health, and spiritual connectedness. I recommend this program highly and particularly to those of you who are ready to attract more happiness and fulfillment to your lives.

Michael Lechner, Ph.D.
Talent Stream Global

I felt in a rut. I am clearly out. I wanted to lose weight, and have lost 17 pounds. I wanted to start writing more. I've launched a website and writing workshops, and a publisher accepted my manuscript that had been sitting in limbo for years. I am amazed at how liberated I now feel. Thanks Leslie... the momentum continues, and I am off to Great Places.

Julie Buckles

Cheers to YOU & making 2017 your best year yet!

Leslie Hamp, Creative Catalyst
Helping YOU Create the Life You Crave

About Leslie:
Leslie Hamp, Creative Catalyst, works with midlife women & men in transition. Some are entrepreneurs, some are leaders and some are moving on from a career/business, relationship or lifestyle that's no longer speaking to them. All are ready for something different, something more and turn to coaching for clarity and support as they navigate the path of change. Leslie's coaching techniques layered with her positive energy, passion perspective and accountability systems help clients rejuvenate an old idea or add heart and soul to a fresh one. She is the author of Create the Life You Crave and its companion Beautiful Journal. Email her at, and join the Create the Life You Crave Nation HERE.


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